Who we are 

We are a small group of Sinai Bedouins, born and raised in our small town of Saint Catherine in South Sinai, Egypt, and we wander every day between its valleys, mountains and animals. Providing our services that are offered by our website and trying to share happiness in a completely different way with everyone who visits us even for once

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Our team

Ahmed Mousa " Jebaliya "

An experienced guide for 11 years. He studied at the Institute of Management Information Systems. I speak English. I have experience with some plants, herbs and animals in Sinai, and identifying directions and paths with the stars.

Nasser Mansour "Jebaliya"

One of the most important guides out there is a discoverer of new paths and has experience in herbs and plants. He works as a tourist guide since childhood, teaches children how to deal with groups and has great experience in teaching camel lessons..

Mohamed Fitih " Jebaliya "

From the youth of Saint Catherine, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in literature and education, a lover of nature and its beauty, a fan of Saint Catherine, and I always strive to show my city to the whole world in the most beautiful and splendid image of the owner of Saint Catherine’s page, my beautiful city, which is interested in highlighting the city of Saint Catherine to the whole world with its valleys and mountains and an explanation of its religious landmarks and cultural.

Ashraf Atwaa " Jebaliya "

A guide to the summit of Mount Moses, a speaker of the Russian language, born in the Wadi Al Raha region, has been working with the Russian and Ukrainian regiments for more than 10 years and is skilled in photography as well .

Ahmed Mousa " Jebaliya "

An experienced guide who speaks Indonesian and English fluently, working since his birth in the Sinai mountains and valleys, with experience in dealing with pilgrims coming to Jebel Musa .

Mohamed Odaa " Jebaliya "

Muhammad Odeh, born in the village of Abu Sayila, works as an excellent cook and an experienced camel guide with the groups that camp in the mountains. He loves what he does and is always creative in it .

What we do for you ...

The trip to Sinai is a very special event, and breaking the daily routine between mountains and valleys requires more planning and investment to find your comfort during the days of your trip with us. A good meal or a guide who does not have enough experience and this is due to the high level of unemployment and this makes all people offer the trip at low prices and the organization is not good. Our team helps you organize this in a distinctive way in the Bedouin way .