The trails of the Sinai mountains are visited by millions of tourists who love Trekking adventure in the land of turquoise, amid the beauty of its paths between mountains and valleys, and it is one of the most beautiful trails in the Middle East, A full 200 km long It, extends from the Gulf of Aqaba to Mount St. Catherine.

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Join us and Start your own adventure the by Bedouin way  .

Hike Sant cathrine trail

One of the most beautiful adventures in sinai trails. It is of medium difficulty and beginners can do it. It is a mix between high mountain peaks, beautiful valleys and different paths between the high mountains of Sinai .

We will pass through the highest mountains of Egypt, the oldest churches and the existing monastery, and some Bedouins who live in the mountains .

From 2 Days to 10 days in the mountains with Jabalya trip.


The three peaks

One of the most beautiful trails between the three highest peaks in Egypt, where we guarantee you an enjoyable view of the peaks and valleys of Sinai from different places and peaks .

You will pass through ancient historical and religious places, and you will also pass a part of the ancient Bedouin heritage .

days climbing   + Visit St. Catherine's Monastery.


Climbing Mount sinai & Visit St. Catherine's Monastery

Climb and camp over Mount Sinai or Mount Moses, the mountain that God chose from among the whole earth to deliver the Ten Commandments to the Prophet Moses and watch the sunrise .

You will pass St. Catherine's Monastery, the Prophet Elijah's Cave, the Prophet Moses' Cave, and all the ancient churches of the mountain .

2 days climbing   + A night in mount sinai .