Hiking tour in Egypt

Hiking In Egypt

Egypt attracts millions of visitors offering them a trip to the past thanks to its most impressive temples and perfectly preserved wonders of antiquity.

Egypt is a unique country, considered to be the cradle of civilizations, a destination full of surprises, magic, and history that invites its visitors to enjoy the most remarkable experience of their lives.

Tours and Activities in Egypt  

Egypt offers an exciting mix of adventure, culture, and mystery that invites everyone who visits it to get lost in its colossal temples and be surrounded by the bustle of Cairo. 

Among the innumerable attractions of the country, Egypt offers the possibility of enjoying the tranquility of a cruise on the Nile and contemplating the majestic pyramids before tasting the excellent Egyptian culinary specialties, or diving into the depths to dive enjoying the immensity of the Red Sea.

 Hiking trips in Egypt

Hiking trails in Egypt is the best activity you can do while visiting Egypt.

There are top 5 destinations for hiking in Egypt ranging from 5.6 to 71 km and from 324 to 2,308 meters above sea level.

You can also discover the magical deserts in Egypt via a 4X4 vehicle or a chartered car or with a camel ride to meet another magnificence scenario that is full of excellent adventures and memorable attractions to check & explore. 

 The best Hiking places in Egypt

Why don't you try hiking in Egypt and exploring all the wonderful places? From time to time, you may feel the desire to reconnect with yourself by observing the beauty of nature and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hiking is a beautiful approach to enjoying adventure while experiencing exotic nature if you are the type who appreciates both.

With all the wonders of Egypt, the country's hiking trails are in some of the most beautiful regions, making them well worth a visit. Catch some cool breeze and enjoy a hike along some of the amazing trails in Egypt.

The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in Egypt

1- Hiking in Sinai 

Sinai is one of the best popular trekking routes in Egypt among explorers. This is Egypt's first long-distance trekking tour. The Sinai Trail is a 550-kilometer, 42-day sea-to-summit trek that begins and ends in the Gulf of Aqaba.

This famous Egypt trekking route will take you through the spectacular Sinai deserts, showcasing the best of Egypt's legendary nature. Built by Bedouin pioneers from eight different clans with the help of a group of volunteers, the Sinai Road offers something for every traveler in Egypt.


- Mount Moses, Sinai 

It is one of the most religious destinations to enjoy the best hike all over Egypt and one of the most memorable sites is known as “Jebel El-Tur” in Sinai and its height is around 2,285 meters. 


- Jebel Serbal, Sinai

Mount Serbal is a mountain in Egypt situated in the Wadi Feiran in southern Sinai, sometimes. It rises to 2,070 meters high, making it the fifth-highest mountain in Egypt.


-Hiking trails on Mount Sinai

If you want to climb to the top of Mount Sinai, there are two possible routes, one more difficult than the other. In any case, it is recommended that you have good physical condition since the path can be somewhat exhausting.

Route 1: The camel trail

Also known as El Bashait, it is the longest way to go to the top of Mount Sinai, but at the same time, it is the least steep. The route is approximately 5 kilometers and lasts two and a half hours.

The name of this trail is not in vain. And it is that you have the possibility of riding a camel since the route is wide and flat enough for it. The advantage is that you can stop at various points to rest, enjoy the views and buy water and some food. The final stretch of the path consists of 750 stone steps that will take you to the top of the mountain.

Route 2: The Steps of Repentance

It is the shortest route, but still the steepest. It is made up of 3,750 stone steps that, according to legend, were made by a single monk from the Saint Cathrine monastery.


3. Mount Catherine Train in Sinai

 This is a famous hiking destination all over the world, that is going to take you through so many natural pools, giant mountains, and incredible historic ruins. While on such a hike, you will have the opportunity to camp in the middle of beauty nature and spend as many best  nights camping as you want. 

You have the opportunity to climb a massive mountain by starting your adventure in the village of “Saint Catherine” and from there, you will have a fantastic hike to the Mountain of Naga for 6 Km. 


2- Hiking in Nuweiba

This amazing hiking tour takes you through the Colored Canyon, with a length of 800-meter-long trail on the Sinai peninsula

 The colors of the canyon are the result of the retreating tides of the Red Sea. This was during the time when the steep walls of the canyon were composed of limestone, granite, and sandstone.  

  3- Hiking in the Sahara desert

  You can make a trekking trip to the Sahara desert to see the empty desert communities in the Siwa area in the north.

The Sahara Desert, a “country” of orange, black, and white sand hills and rock carved to supremacy by the wind is the setting for this desert adventure.

4- Hiking in Cairo

 Explore the historical landmark trails or venture out into Cairo's natural surroundings, perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of any level.

The Best hiking trails in Cairo:

-Wadi Degla Protectorate

-Giza Pyramids Trail

- Maadi to Nile river

5-Hiking in White Desert

 Enjoy the wonders of remarkable this place and sleep under the stars. It is also one of the most fun things to do in Egypt.

Along the way, stop at ancient archeology sites, nearby towns, and lush oases. It's a spectacular desert adventure filled with massive local cultures, animals, and dune-bashing opportunities.



 Safety tips for hiking in Egypt

  • Take care to choose a trail that is appropriate for your fitness level.

  • Check the weather forecast a few hours before going on an excursion.

  • After you have decided on a hiking trail in Egypt, familiarize yourself with it.

  • Don't forget to bring sunscreen, a first aid kit, and extra food and drink.

  • Mountains, dunes, wadis, and canyons define the Egyptian landscape, which means that if you want to go trekking in Egypt, the country will not let you down. All kinds of climbers can enjoy mountain walks and dusty roads.


So, if you feel like packing your bags and leaving your ordinary existence behind for the best Egypt vacation, don't forget to go hiking in Egypt.