Mount Sinai  &  St. Catherine's Monastery

2 days climbing   + A night in mount sinai

Mount Sinai Trekking Tour will take to the mountain that God chose to look at and the Prophet Moses handed over the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel after their exodus from Egypt to the land of Sinai, where the Prophet Moses saw the bush, which is now located inside the monastery of St. Catherine, and also the cave of the Prophet Elias when he fled from the rulers of Jerusalem when they wanted to They kill him in the cave in which he hid from them and the place from which he ascended to heaven through a fiery chariot .

You will break your daily routine and learn a lot about the Bedouins, their customs and traditions, and enjoy the whole night in complete silence, where the stars are in the sky and the sun rises in the morning , which is the ancient home of the Bedouins of the Jabaliya tribe .


First day

During the Mount Sinai Trekking Tour, you will be arrived at Saint Catherine's Monastery and visit it and prepare to climb Mount Sinai or Mount Moses, where you can see the oldest churches of the monastery and enjoy dinner at the camping site.

The second day

Watching the sunrise, enjoying breakfast, watching the place of the Prophet Elias, and going back to the city .

The price of the program includes

Guide & Camels

Camel to transport food, water and camping equipment ,you will only carry your daily bag of snacks, water and personal items .

camping place

All meals, blanket and mattress for each person .

The price does not include

Transfers to and from Saint Catherine

We can provide transportation from anywhere in Egypt .

Entry tickets to the city

Ticket price ranges from 5 or 10 dollars .

Tipping for escorts

Tipping according to your personal preference.




Approximately 9 km