Live the life of tribes and nature

A trip on the second day of Eid al-Fitr





  May 3 , 2022   ( 5 days )

  Saint Catherine's City  

 Price 5400 EGP

1 Day in the city  - 4 Days hiking

One of the most beautiful trails in the Sinai Mountains because it is very diverse, a combination of walking between valleys and climbing the highest peaks of the mountains of Egypt in Sinai, knowing a lot about Bedouin life and the different customs and traditions of the Bedouins, and meeting the Bedouins who live in the mountains with a beautiful ancient character .

You will break your daily routine and learn a lot about the Bedouins, their customs and traditions, and visit and camp in the gardens between the mountains, which is the ancient home of the Bedouins of the Jabaliya tribe .


First day

-Move on May 3 at 1:00 AM from Cairo Arriving at the  camp at   8:00 AM , having breakfast

-Visit St. Catherine's Monastery
-Lunch and rest in the camp
-Bedouin dinner and welcome party 

The second day

-Start your tracking journey
-Climb the top of a na’ga mountain Through Wadi Talah and Kharazat al-Shaq, which is the ancient residence of the tribes
-Camping under the stars saqr garden.


The third day

-Move to the Al Galt Al Azrak It is a mountain lake and enjoy the luxury life in the Bedouin character.
-Swimming among the granite stones
-Camping  in Farsh el-romana ,one of the most beautiful places where you can see the stars, galaxy and planets and know the direction of the North Star.

The fourth day

-Climb 3 beautiful peaks Bab al-Dunya means Gate of the World Passing through two peaks overlooking a beautiful panorama to see the Gulf of Suez and the valleys of Tur Sinai

-Camping  in the secret Garden to know the Bedouin customs and traditions followed among the tribes .

The fifth day

-Climbing Mount Abbas Pasha
-Visiting the old palace wall of Abbas Pasha and seeing the hospital palace that was built for Khedive Abbas Pasha in the middle of the eighteenth century .
-Back to the camp at 2:00PM and arrive to Cairo at 10:00PM .

The price of the program include

Price based on 10 pax 

Guides & Camels

You will only carry your daily bag of snacks, water and personal items.

The bag, which includes clothes and camping equipment, is carried by camels.

camping places

All accommodation on a double basis (tents and eco-buildings) .

A night is spent inside the camp and the rest of the nights are spent under the stars in the gardens of the Jabaliya tribe.


All the basic and delicious meals between traditional food and Bedouin food during the tour, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All transfers

Transfers from and to Cairo by a modern and air-conditioned bus and all internal transfers .

The price does not include

camping equipment

sleeping bag - The tent 


Personal items 

All your personal needs


Chocolate, nuts and protein bar

Tipping for escorts

Tipping according to your personal preference.

Event heading

Speakers from all over the world will join our experts to give inspiring talks on various topics. Stay on top of the latest business management trends & technologies

To prepare the bags for your trip, you need a backpack of approximately 28 liters for hiking and a large bag that carries on the camel, including clothes, sleeping bag and personal items .

Weather prediction.

The weather will be nice and pleasant during the month of May




Approximately 46 km .