Valleys and mountains

5 days climbing   + A night in a local camp.

One of the most beautiful trails in the Sinai Mountains because it is very diverse, a combination of walking between valleys and climbing the highest peaks of the mountains of Egypt in Sinai, knowing a lot about Bedouin life and the different customs and traditions of the Bedouins, and meeting the Bedouins who live in the mountains with a beautiful ancient character .

You will break your daily routine and learn a lot about the Bedouins, their customs and traditions, and visit and camp in the gardens between the mountains, which is the ancient home of the Bedouins of the Jabaliya tribe .


First day

Arriving at a local camp in St. Catherine, meet the guide , have the dinner in the camp sleeping in the camp .

The second day

Moving from the camp and climb the top of a na’ga mountain Watch a beautiful panorama .

The third day

We move to Al Galt Al Azrak where the natural running water is going through natural granite rocks that reveals the greatness of the place. There you can take a refreshing midday bath.

The fourth day

Today we will climb 3 peaks with a breathtaking view in all directions Bab al-Dunya means Gate of the World. 

The fifth day

Climbing the highest peak in Egypt, Mount Saint Catherine, 2629 meters above sea level  .

The last day

Climbing Mount Moses in the place of the Prophet Moses where the Ten Commandments were received. 

The price of the program includes

Guide & Camels

You will only carry your daily bag of snacks, water and personal items .

camping places

All meals, blanket and mattress for each person .

Local camp & meals

Comfortable room accommodation and meals .

The price does not include

Transfers to and from Saint Catherine

We can provide transportation from anywhere in Egypt .

Entry tickets to the city

Ticket price ranges from 5 or 10 dollars .

Tipping for escorts

Tipping according to your personal preference.




Approximately 60 km