Hiking in Sinai Your unforgettable trekking and high-quality safari in the mountains and valleys of Sinai, with us, climb the highest mountains in Egypt and experience life with a Bedouin style and personality in Sinai.

We hike in Egypt of a team of Bedouins from the tribes of the Sinai peninsula, all our team members are very carefully good at your holiday and we regularly arrange different days of new adventures.

Regardless of the duration of the Tour with us, but we promise you that you will learn a lot about the different Bedouin life and its traditions among the tribes and each other in Sinai, knowing the most important plants and herbs that were used in ancient and modern times instead of chemical medicines now and understanding the nature and animals of the Sharm El Sheikh Desert Safari and Sinai mountains.

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Hiking Tour Packages Egypt

Sinai trekking and hiking

You can join one of our beautiful Hiking Tour Packages in Egypt and camping adventures among the Sinai Mountain, where you can choose from St Catherine Monastery Hiking Tour to several valleys of your own liking in Sinai Trail.

Sharm El Sheikh Safari Tour

Camel community lesson

Camelus dromedarius from here, dealing with a camel with a single hump begins by feeding it, knowing the times of eating and drinking, putting the saddle on it, understanding the camel without speaking, walking and sitting on the camel in the right way until it reaches the stage of entering the camel races, which are very famous races in Sinai and the Middle East .

Egypt Trekking Packages

Solitude & Primitive life

You can break your daily routine and enjoy meditation and solitude in the gardens of the ancient Sinai mountains and experience the ancient and simple Bedouin life in a very simple style without any restrictions .

Private Hiking Trip Egypt

Day trip in Mount Sinai" 2285 m" The journey of pilgrims in the past to the place of the Prophet Moses

Mount Sinai or Mount Moses, the mountain on which the Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments for the jews people , and the place that God chose from the whole earth, and also one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunrise and the stars

St Catherine Monastery Hiking Tour

Daily trips in st.cathrine 

  • A day in the mountain
  • A day in the valley
  • Bedouin dinner
  • Bedouin dinner under the stars
  • A day with the camel.
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Visit St.Catherine Monastery

St. Catherine's Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Egypt. It includes the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The construction of the monastery was completed in the sixth century AD.

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Group Hiking Trip Egypt

Climbing the highest peak in Egypt one night 2 days trip "2629 m"

You can climb the highest peak in Egypt and spend an entire night on top of the mountain, where some of the remains of St. Catherine were found and the building of the church where the remains were located, which is the reason for calling the monastery and the city by this name.

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